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We help B2B marketers create...

Stronger brand affinity

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We help B2B marketers create...

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Team 201

The digital agency for high-growth B2B tech companies.

Fortune 500 & startup experience, with a boutique agency feel and agile way of working.

We accelerate your

Demand Gen
Analytics & Attribution

How We Think

We’re thinkers and doers.

Our strength is connecting the dots between what motivates your customer and market signals, paired with a deep understanding of the digital landscape.

We’ll form the right strategy and drive execution with a combination of our team and your own resources.

Problems We Solve

“Our CPL is too high and PPC programs aren’t optimized. How do we decrease CPL and improve the funnel?”

“We want to run integrated campaigns. We need a partner to help us define a framework and drive a new workflow internally.”

“We’re going public next quarter. What should we think about from a marketing perspective ahead of IPO day?”

“We want to test product-market fit in an adjacent market. How do we do this quickly and efficiently?”


Content Marketing

Build an arsenal of marketing collateral for your various audiences and deliver consistent and impactful messaging.

Social Media

Leverage organic and paid activities to stay top-of-mind with engaged prospects, customers and broaden reach to new audiences.

‘Always On’ Campaign Creation

Ensure your brand remains top-of-mind, using integrated strategies to drive top of funnel goals, aircover and thought leadership.

Demand Gen

Paid & Performance Campaigns

We’ll help improve your performance and paid media campaigns across search, social and other acquisition mediums. From decreasing cost per conversion, to better aligning content with search intent, or refining campaigns to focus on quickest to opportunity leads, we’ll help you elevate the strategy and execute the latest paid platform tactics.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Assessing the demand gen funnel to drive prospects down an optimized path to conversation. This could include refining campaign sequences to better support a multi-touch model driving qualified leads faster, or better aligning demand gen content with prospect needs.

Sales Enablement

We support your enablement programs, creating sales content and toolkits from battle cards to competitive comparisons, case study templates, pricing comparison calculators or email sequences. Or, elevate a product or sales pitch deck with animations or custom graphics to better tell your story.

Marketing Automation

We’ll help your team get more out of your existing marketing automation platform features, evaluate new platforms, or help with the transition from one platform to another.



End-to-end brand development or incremental refinement to elevate your existing brand identity or creative assets.


Improve and refine an existing experience or gather insights to create a new user flow for your website or digital product. Our UX methodology is three stages, from research to prototype iteration and converging on a final solution. After the UX stage or as a standalone, we’ll help you define the UI and visual look and feel with high-fidelity mockups and updated style guides.

Digital Design

Creative content development across all marketing mediums. Visuals come to life through animated videos, custom graphics, dynamic web pages, HTML banner ads and more.

Day to Day Production

Ongoing creation of landing pages, email templates, social media graphics, infographics or banner ad templates to support your always on content marketing initiatives.

Analytics & Attribution

Digital & Web Analytics

Establish and measure actionable insights that fuel bottom-line business outcomes from your website and every step of the marketing funnel.

From funnel analysis to better understand your customer journey to tagging and attribution models, we can help with all your core digital analytics needs.

Custom Data Visualization

Streamline your reporting and make it more actionable. We combine data across your integrated campaigns into one cohesive dashboard.

You save hours every month (no more manual reporting).

You get access to real-time data. When your reports are automated, you always have the most recent data available.

We combine multiple data sources. No more logging in to multiple services to check performance. We can pipe them all into a single dashboard.

Marketing visibility for all your stakeholders with a shareable, web-based link.

Marketing Data Warehouse

A marketing data warehouse provides a hub to target audience segments that were previously unavailable or underutilized by gathering data from multiple sources that already exist in your organization.

We collect data into a common storage location. Then transform the data so that it is queryable and joinable across different sources.

You get access to reporting dimensions that are not available in standard reporting APIs.

Your team is able to uncover high propensity groups of users to target across campaigns.

We're the catalyst for
High-Growth Brands

Thomas Been

“Team 201 has been a strategic partner, elevating our owned and paid digital programs as we’ve scaled. Most recently, they cut our CPL in-half and improved the PPC strategy to better match market demand.”

Pat Walsh

“Leading up to our IPO, we needed a partner to help us capitalize on pre and post-IPO buzz. Since bringing them on board, 201 has elevated our organic and paid programs and creative execution.”

Kurt Milne

“I’ve been a repeat client over the years at both large companies and startups. 201 is my ‘secret sauce’ for successful digital and integrated marketing campaigns.”

Stronger Together

The Team

The Backbone

Clément Lemiere

Co-Founder, CEO

Led the aerospace and defense group at a top engineering firm in Paris, working with clients like Thales, Dassault Aviation and Safran. Started his career as an engineer for Airbus. Clem keeps the team cutting-edge with his technical skills, from big data visualization to the latest digital techniques. Find him kitesurfing on Lake Michigan.

Haley Hebert

Co-Founder, CSO

Previously built the US digital practice for a global marketing agency in San Francisco, working with brands like Intel, VMware and ServiceNow. Prior to 201, she co-founded a software company in the aviation space. Haley’s focus is leading integrated, digital and go to market strategies for our clients. Figure skating lover.

Kayla Portillo

Senior Marketing Campaign Manager

Kayla has 15+ years experience as a marketing manager and strategist, helping organizations distill big ideas into actionable campaigns that drive business impact. Prior to Team 201, Kayla was an account manager at growth consultancy Red Caffeine, managing several B2B accounts and coordinating the execution of integrated marketing programs. Outside of work, she can’t resist a good book and enjoys spending time with her family.

Marcus Schaller

Senior Content Director

Marcus has over 18 years of experience helping B2B brands create obsessively customer-focused marketing strategies and content. Prior to Team 201, he spent most of his career as a freelance marketing strategist and copywriter. He’s also a novice guitar player (but getting better every day).

Juliana Howland Kenny

Technology Copywriter

Juliana is a professional copywriter and brand strategist with 12 years of experience writing in the technology field. She has led content teams in multiple B2B technology marketing firms as well as managed technology and science channels for a global news start-up, but writing and creating brand stories is where her true passion lies. She’s highly skilled at distilling complex technical concepts into digestible, effective copy. In her non-work time, she enjoys bird-watching, embroidering, and trying to make things grow in the garden.

Daniel Mantilla

Paid Media Lead

Daniel has 10+ years experience running acquisition programs for B2B tech brands, most recently at Amadeus. At Team 201 he leads omni-channel campaigns, with deep specialties in paid search, SEO and web analytics. Since reading “Getting Noticed on Google” early in his career, he’s been an el estudiante dedicated to all things digital.

Jessica Goral

Senior Account Manager

Jessica has 10+ years of account management, marketing communications, and paid search and social strategy experience across multiple industries, including insurance, B2B manufacturing, and healthcare. 

As a Senior Account Manager at Team 201, Jessica helps manage day-to-day marketing execution, working directly with clients and our creative team to ensure that campaigns are aligned with client objectives, are the highest quality possible, and are delivered in a timely manner.

Outside of work, she enjoys traveling the world, spending time at the beach, and spoiling her French Bulldog, Dallas.

Remy Smith

Performance Marketing Manager

Performance marketer with experience managing paid search, social, CRO, and analytics projects and platforms to drive leads, sales, and revenue for DTC and B2B companies. Passionate about all things marketing, digital and traditional. Outside work, he’s interested in reading history books and exploring California’s Sierra Nevada.

Alpha Sadcopen

Digital Designer

Creative designer building a variety of content types for our integrated programs – from landing pages to HTML ads and animated videos. She’s been with Team 201 since its formation, balancing both digital marketing and graphic design. By night, she’s a talented artist and illustrator.

Lexa Krug

B2B Content Specialist

Content specialist and former journalist with strengths in digital marketing and media relations. Lexa draws inspiration from her international education and work experiences in London to create B2B content that resonates on a global scale. When not writing, find her exploring Chicago for the best Italian in the city!

Kris Hess

Senior Digital Designer

Kris has over 7 years of experience and a background in visual design and UX. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point and a user experience certification from the Nielsen Norman Group. Kris oversees digital design needs at Team201, including user interface design, social media, video and email marketing. He works closely with different clients and internal teams to ensure client goals and user needs are met.

Sion Williams

Social Media & Content Intern

Sion is Team 201’s Social Media & Content Intern by day and Communications Graduate Student by night. Sion is a storyteller with a passion for creative writing and a growing passion for video content creation.